Meeting Agenda (updated on 22/05)

Participants list (final)

Letter to Participants

Download full pack of meeting documents (updated with FIPP Report on 15/05)


Meeting Documents per Session 


Session 2: Implementation of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan

PSC reporting dashboards on Goal 1 and Crosscutting priorities


Session 3: Implementation of the Strategic Development Plan 

for professional pronouncements (SDP) 

Status of on-going SDP Projects

Status on the expected results of the SDP (FIPP Document)


Session 4:  Governance of FIPP

PSC Terms of Reference (in particular Annexes 2 and 4)

FIPP Terms of reference 

List of changes FIPP Tor

FIPP Annual Report to the PSC Steering Committee (included on 15/05)

Annexes to FIPP Annual Report (included on 15/05)


Session 5: INTOSAI Standard Setting Strategy- Building a Vision for the IFPP

Concept note on Strengthening INTOSAI's Standard and Standard Setting Process


Session 6: Miscellaneous 

Independent Advisory Function for INTOSAI Standard Setting 


Session 7: Structure and functioning of INTOSAI standard setting

Part 1 - Principles 

Summary report: Inputs from the breakway session on standard setting (70th GB)

Full notes on contributions received

Concept note on Strengthening INTOSAI's Standard and Standard Setting Process (Same as session 5) 

Part 2 - Technical Support Function

Implementing a Technical Support Function (initial version for the meeting)

Implementing a Technical Support Function (final version after incorporating points agreed by the PSC-SC members)


Session 8: Next SDP

FIPP's proposed process for developing the next SDP

Process for developing the Strategic Development Plan for the IFPP